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Weekly Forex Forecast (COT ANALYSIS)

Weekly Forex Forecast (COT ANALYSIS) Euro vs United States Dollar GLOBALPRIME:EURUSD Dave-FX-Hunter Dollar - it's bullish and expected to make it to the upper band of the long-term channel. But now we reached 5 years extreme for long 49K, Total volume 63K and net positions 35K,so profit-taking is taking place now and will make a pullback that will affect all pairs too. AUDUSD - Extreme 117K shorts reached and since then we can see profit-taking of 20k contracts. 5 years historical lowest longs look nice for buying. USDCAD - The price is falling while the banks starting build longs again. Expecting the fall to continue as the USD is weak. USDCHF - Longs reached the 5 years extreme 18 321 and since then we can see profit-taking as this is happening on the top of the channel. I expect the price dropdown. 89% longs exposure and 15K net positions are as well extreme numbers, USDJPY - price is reaching the resistance while we can see extreme numbers in longs, t

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FCPO TRADING : 304) RM5k here we come!

FCPO TRADING : 304) RM5k here we come! CRUDE PALM OIL-RINGGIT FUTURES (CONTINUOUS: CURRENT CONTRACT IN FRONT) MYX:FCPO1! HAIDOJO_trading this is haidojo and the number is 304 ... Today is 13th Oct 2021 and fcpo-dec21 is going to expire in 2 days or less. October has been blessed with the continuation of aggressive bull which resumes the rally frm last month. Still, the momentum of the long-run bull persists and there is no sign of slowing down. If you are trading some kinda trend-following/continuation trades, this could be your month. As for today, the fcpo-dec has broken abv and closed abv RM5k. A historical benchmark and also an important milestone in the history of the fcpo price. So how far it could go? that is a million dollar question. U can projectile it using whatever indicator/method you like, but my conclusion is simple. I shall continue trading "long" as long as it is an uptrend. IF it reverses, THEN stick to the downtrend. Follow the trend. As simpl