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Thursday, March 28, 2024

🚧LUNAUSDT is Bullish now🚧 & many Traders don't see it 👀!!!

🚧LUNAUSDT is Bullish now🚧 & many Traders don't see it 👀!!!



✅Today, I want to analyze LUNA for you in a 1D time frame so that we can have a MID-term view of LUNA regarding the technical analysis. (Please ✌️respectfully✌️share if you have a different opinion from me or other analysts).

LUNAUSDT is in the ascending phase by the cup and handle.
LUNA is in a large C&H if it follows these pattern, the price will have a nice rally.
⭐The pattern increases the price by the amount of the measured price movement (AB=CD).

❗ Note that if the cup and handle is broken down with the power of descending candles, our analysis will fail.

Stay awesome my friends.
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⚠️Things can change...
The markets are always changing and even with all these signals, the market changes tend to be strong and fast!!

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