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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

LUNA/USDT upward momentum from support? 🚀LUNA Today Analysis

LUNA/USDT upward momentum from support? 🚀LUNA Today Analysis


💎 Paradisers ,keep an eye on #LUNAUSDT as it’s currently in motion. The price is approaching a key support level at $0.9163. If it maintains momentum at this level, we could witness a bullish reversal. The sustained upward movement aims to target the major resistance at $1.4997.

💎 However, let’s be prepared for market fluctuations. Should #LUNA encounter obstacles at the aforementioned resistance, it might be prudent to reconsider our strategy. On our radar is a bullish recovery from the support zone around $0.8014, where the price has previously found stability.

💎 Caution is crucial! A breach below this critical support level could signal a shift toward a stronger bearish trend, potentially leading to increased selling. As we navigate the changes in the #LUNA market, staying vigilant and adaptable is paramount.

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